I love this game

i can fish from bridges its great thanks nofearon for telling me this

You Can Fish From That Height Though, Just Wait For The Particles To Appear.

holy shoot what nvm i love this game

Bridge fishing? :joy:

It’s The Best Technique To Fish Obviously.

That kind of inspires me as a solution of those known “Suicide Briges”. Just place some rods on it, fishing is very relaxing and makes you think about yourself.

I Like The Word

It Resonants With Me.

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ofc it does
you are Nofearon after all <3

Aaaaaaaaaa i’m on phone it isn’t fair!!!

It Is Very Fair!

It’s not, I type way too fast on phone for my little fingers so I make mistakes all the time…

Excuses Excuses.
Don’t Hate.
I Just Want To Have Fun.

By Saying Things Like That

It’s okay I like to have fun too, that’s why I’m here :heart:

We must fish for a ritual to awaken Vesteria PA!

fish from bridges* :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

thank you correcting me

i showed @Nofearon this and then he caught his first fish. what an accomplishment.

Catching your very first fish :sunglasses:

I love using the fishing rod. :smile: