I list all the uncomfortable aspects of Vesteria

  • Some of my bug reports are not read, I know this error: Ink & Quill text is super hard to see is most likely not intended to be, meaning devs are not reading or reading and not addressing that the issue will soon or will be solved. This discourages me to post bug reports or suggestions and instead questions or brainstorms.

  • Default stamina is very low, making early-game no matter what class you are very bad. I want a higher default stamina, but stamina may stay. This is also uncomfortable for people that are new because they’d be drawn away from a game that you cant move around alot in. This will probably be a bigger issue when the game eventually goes free or something.

  • Bank does not store money, I want to at least store a little bit because of death penalty. This is because I run a guild and upgrades are costy.

  • Rangers are unbalanced, the balance is very bad and since I main Cleric, I can’t get any loot so I feel like dungeons and bosses are a waste of time unless I’m doing a dungeon w/ low levels or nonrangers or doing bosses with an empty server (Or servers w/out rangers).

  • I want mages to feel like magic, I’m a mage main so obviously this impacts me the most. Here is one of my rants: Mage needs stuff. A solution I’ve proposed is this: Magic Tomes: Basic Attack. I don’t really like smacking monsters over and over to get things.

  • Stat and Skill reset tomes are hard to get, because they cost etyhr. I really want to change my playstyle a little bit, but this paywall really makes me stay bored. I know that dyes are premium, but I feel like these two tomes need to be more accessible to those who do not want to pay ethyr.

  • The Forsaken Isle really is a bust. I don’t know why I would want to go in an island for 100s that only contains level 35 content. All I’d get is a mask or weapons that instantly get invalidated later. There needs to be more in this isle, I don’t think its worth going there. Also, small note, I personally dislike the Forsaken Isle music because it hurts my head a bit.

  • The Whispering Dunes is a big puzzle, which really looks cool but when you’re told to find shards in a desert like that, I am mostly discouraged. One piece may be easy to get, but getting all of them is difficult. I don’t like those kind of maze games because really, its grindy (In the way where you do not see progress) and I don’t want to play that kind of game in Vesteria. I like the heat system though, and wish there was a dungeon.

  • Colosseum items are bad, I don’t know why anyone would use a Barbarian Staff. I was thinking that we can bring people back to the Colosseum with vanity items that can make your current equipment look like something else, but I think vanity items are canceled. The Colosseum is pretty much endgame, so there’d only be max level players there unless you want to be crushed.

  • Not having the Farmlands music is a bummer. That’s just all I have to say, just a small uncomfort.

  • Where is Farmer Sam? I know where he is, but it’s so confusing sometimes. (I had to be shown where he was)

  • When I was looking for the mush apoc, I did not know where it was. With information telling me that it was in mushtown, I was looking, looking, looking, and only found it because someone led me there. It’s a level 10 dungeon in mushtown, a place where there’s not much reason to go back to. Also, it should give more than 7k exp and should be easier since I see new players getting crushed by it.

  • I want to see the perks that the stats give and I want to see the perks that I currently have.

That is all I can think of for right now.



Even though there are some or even many points you disagree with, I just had to let it out.

forsaken music just aint my kinda jam

I agree with literally every single point talked about here.

Davidii patch note on discord.

Berezaa nerfed jumping stamina so I Guess that helps a little.

No longer soulbound so you can get them decently easily.

Personally I don’t mind the music. I think forsaken was made to substitute late game. In the end though dunes is too easy so people skipped it altogether and jumped straight to end game. I’d like to see more too forsaken or make pay to go to dunes or make dunes harder or have lvl req.

Agree mostly but I thought dunes was supposed to feel huge. I think the heat system contributes to adding of the size.

Agree for first part. Not really anything to say for last.

I found him pretty quickly so can’t say much.

You probably had trouble because u were used to the old location. I think a new player wouldn’t find it too hard to find as they probably be exploring Mushtown when they start.

No comment

Im not on my pc but ill respond.

  1. Yes, he responded so he knew, of course. Made before he patched.
  2. I actually dont know how much they cost, I heard the prices lowered so you may be right. Still should be easier since it was hard to get dyes by buying.
  3. Music is a funny thing I added as a super side note, even David disapproved.
  4. Yes, I did not complain about the size of dunes, but the quests are my issues. Took me forever to find the third page even with the map.
  5. I dont know about you but when people are finished grinding, max lvls come to colo. However, the shop items are useless so people are discouraged.
  6. I was heavily searching for the mushtown mushpoc, I did not know anything about it being in a hidden hill. People that do not choose to explore or did not explore enough will disbenefit, remember there are people that like to play and do chain quests, look for new maps because its exciting.

Mushtown has been a ghost town since the update removing mobs from there. Maybe change that a little, like a quest requiring you to run Shroompoc once?

Yes, but currently it may be too difficult for newer players.

Another thing is that early game is confusing I got a freind to start playing but he didn’t want me to tell him anything, he spent 30 minutes looking for mushrooms to kill for spores, this doesn’t effect most people because most of the player base already knows every thing