I just suddenly got 250k robux out of the blue, help?


Check your transactions…and dang, I wish i had that much

Change your password immediately

You should give me some

it’s probably a scam, if you didn’t buy 1,438 dollars of robux you should contact player support, and yes change your password.

and from your profile it doesn’t seem like you have a super successful game that could warrant that kind of robux so unless you’re a heavy trader (which I don’t think that account is because it’s not builders club) roblox will get suspicious

i doubt this person just “got robux”

I PMed him, it was a roblox bug. They will fix it next week xd. He just can’t spend it or he’ll get moderated.

theres no way you can suddenly get 250k robux from a bug

*and to be the only person who got it

I doubt it the same, but I don’t have the evidence of disprove this.

f12 editing? Post a gif of you refreshing the roblox page

Koneko :open_mouth: I believe you now

How in the world does Roblox mess up that badly, to give some people 250k Robux. xd