:( I have to wait a whole week before i can play Vesteria paid access

Rip in peperoni i got to wait a whole week beacuse my stupid credit card just had to expire in 18/11 making it so i’m unable to buy robux and ill be forced to wait 1 to 2 weeks before i get a new one…

well just from my experience it will be worth getting it

eh just use your moms or something :sweat_smile:

haha funny

The third option could just to go to gamestop to buy a giftcard but thats just to cringe worthy…

It’s a sad day indeed https://gyazo.com/098af6b81817830d53aab2b0feec902e

The wait will be well worth it, we’ll have a lot more content by then for you which will let you play a lot more!

True but still theres like no good games to play in the mean time… i pretty much already done everything to do in the demo version, i hope you guys makes the demo a bit longer and bigger in the future so people get to try out the first 3 classes. and the demo should let you play till you reach 30 before it gets locked. so they have an better idea how the game is like. Not saying to do it now but later on when you guys added way more stuff like sub classes and more job advancments and such.