I have to leave (temporarily)

Sorry guys (and gals and whatever else y’all identify as), I have to leave the forums for a while. After ~2:35 EST (UTC -5) today (March 13), my school will be cancelled for awhile because of coronavirus, so I will not be able to be on as frequently or regularly.


Well, GL, Farewell (for now) Hunter brethren
y not try reading a book

I usually do that, running out of reading material tho.

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a comrade is about to fall, but be wary, do not fall to the hands of coronavirus, it is not a good way to die

Coronavirus ain’t gonna get me.
introversion justifies

i wouldnt be so sure if i were you

First step of making something happen (or not happen) is confidence. State things like that in the definitive, and certainty intensifies.

Also, I’m getting ready to make a literal fire wall around my house, it won’t even get in. I am working on stocking up on gasoline, miscellaneous rags, and alcohol.

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Try The Book Legend By Marie Lu &/or Eragon By Christopher Paolini :upside_down_face:

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Been through Eragon.
Never even heard of The Book Legend.
I am kinda hooked on the Legend of Drizz’t Do’Urden series by R.A. Salvatore (I’ve had an interest in Dungeons & Dragons since I heard of it, my dad introduced me to it when I was 10).

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My Dad Is Setting up a campaign for my brother and I
you know there’s 3 sequels for eragon (listed in order)
eragon, Eldest, brisingr, Inheritance

Yeah I know, read them all.
Nice to see someone else getting interested.


I Finished it like 1 week ago, cool series if I ever saw 1, ending kinda sad

Legend of Drizz’t? Or Eragon?

Eragon, I’ll have to check out

Alr. It’s a pretty good series.

I might do some illegal bumping :3

Yeah. The books are like $50 (as much as the current sourcebooks!) each at Barnes & Nobles, and there;s like 23 of em.

Ima Just Get From Library :upside_down_face:

If school’s canceled for you then wouldn’t you have more time to be online?

Mom won’t let me have much time at home. I actually get MORE time at school.