I have several questions

Which class would seem the most desirable and best to use at the moment?

Do classes gain stats upon choosing them (such as a Warrior gaining more Vitality and Strength than when they were an Adventurer)?

Is it possible to fully max out all Adventurer skills?

Does stamina increase passively through leveling up?

What is/are the current highest level weapon(s)?

What is the current best farming method?

I Believe As The Current State Of Week 16 We Played On Saturday The 13th Of October, Warrior Was The Best To Play Due To The Lack Of Damage Of Mage And The Brokenness Of Hunter.

No, When You Choose A Class You Don’t Get Stats.

No, You Can’t Fully Max Out All Adventurer Skills.

Yes, I Believe Berezaa Told Us That Stamina Does Increase Passively Through Levelling Up.

The Bronze Mace, For Warriors, Is The Highest Levelled Weapon At A Tremendous Level Of 15.

The Best Farming Method Really Depends On What Level You Are, Though Obviously The Highest Level Enemies Will Probably Be The Best Due To The EXP.

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Thanks dude, really helps. Though in the limited testing server I didn’t passively gain stamina thru level up but that might be outdated so idk

I Did Say Believe So I’m Not Sure, But I Swear I Remember It.

Could still be bugged…who knows?

I Guess We’ll Find Out When Week 17 Comes Out, If You Are Buying It.

  1. Warrior is the best to use by far as of now. They have many things going for them.
  • They have the best weapon in the game
  • They have the best armor in the game
  • They have many skills (The same as hunter I believe)
  1. You don’t specifically get any new stats, but you will get access to skills specific to each class.
    On the other hand, weapons for certain classes can have stat buffs. Higher level mage weapons give +1 INT.

  2. I don’t think you can.

  3. Nope, but that would be an awesome suggestion to make IMO.

  4. Best weapon is currently the Bronze Mace (Warrior). It is level 15 and does 58 damage.
    Hunter - Rusty dagger, lvl 13, 51 damage.
    Mage - Ancient Staff, lvl 13, 46 damage.

  5. There isn’t really a “best” per say, but I think you should generally stay away from the next strongest monster until you are 4-5 levels above it. That way you wont get destroyed by it since the way they give the monsters levels in this game is a bit ehh.

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Thanks for the advice