I have owned Vesteria for 9 months now and I still don't have my alpha badge

I bought Vesteria Alpha last year on december and I made the google form weeks ago with all the video proof showing the purchase but I haven’t heard back from anyone yet. I played Alpha for a quite while but no alpha badge…

Here is a picture of the transcation. ( I got a video where I refresh the page and scroll down to find the same transcation but its unlisted as I don’t want my transcations to be public so the video is avaible to see on the google form )

edit: Dmed one of the developers on twitter and got a response: I am not getting alpha badge. Well it was worth trying…

May we finally spread awareness?

Probably not :pensive:

there is already a solution to this issue

I think they’d already clarified that they tried doing that…

He has said he provided video evidence that he bought Vesteria Alpha in the Google Form. The big issue here is that the developers haven’t communicated about when they’re going to give people their Alpha badges.

mb, didn’t see that lol