I have hatched!

Tweet! (that would be pretty low effort and useless, that’s why I’m adding it here lol)

Dang it, I was planning to make scrambled eggs

You monster.


little did you know i already killed your father

new feature requests aren’t low effort
adding a new type npc/mob is a valid new feature request

Tweet! (i’m assuming you don’t know who my dad is, because I’ll have you know he’s still alive)

Who’s your mom though?

Tweet! (I dunno. Never saw her.)

Rest In Peace little chick’s motherly childhood experience.

Tweet! (my dad is so cool I don’t need a mom :sunglasses:)

Gamer moment.

(having only a mom would get rid of the belt though)

Tweet! (you’ll have all of chicken guild coming at my defense hehehehe)

Donde esta @chicken

(guild spray dosen’t work on people >:D)

Awwww, you’re such a cutie! Congratulations on hatching!
How did you talk before hatching though?

Now this is epioick

Chicken V2