I hate berserkers v. scarabs

I was fighting a Scarab near the Outpost, and I had it locked into its “flinch” state so it couldn’t attack me. A Berserker came up and started attacking it, and it started flying and escaped flinch state. I DIED AND LOST MORE THAN 2/3 OF MY BAR!!!

haters be hating

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I mean… it shoudnt have been glitched in the first place.

Yeah your a dirty no good lookin bad guy exploiter

It wasn’t glitched, it was stun-locked. As a Ranger, I can maintain a constant damage stream.

Tis’ the cost of Ranging.

Isn’t the only attack available to scarab a dustwurm style projectile?

Wouldn’t that be easier to dodge the farther you are?

No, it also has a bite attack that can OHKO. The “Dustwurm style projectile” is actually roughly six globs, all on the same spot with huge AOE. I can survive one projectile, but not the total. I am a RANGER, I’m level 45 and only have a little over 1k hp (I have 20 points in VIT for the 5% chance to negate an attack). I need more, I know at this point, need to get a Stat Reset Tome (already got the one from Vincent), I know there are some chests that have some, I just need to find them.

Lesson learned: don’t play ranger

I don’t think you stun-locked it since there was probably no-one their the scarab had noone to shoot at since it only attacks the player that is farther away than the first player. Thats why even if i get close it doesn’t attack but when another warrior or knife hunter comes along then he attacks me, but then i use pillage vitality, you know the vibes.

if you’re a ranger you just need range, not that much hp because after a certain point mobs can’t reach you.