I had a dream about Vesteria

That a giant Vesteria update came out and there was a new interact UI and trading was polished and fixed. Unfortunately, it was just a dream, so I just hope trading is fixed soon so I can have more of a reason to grind.


i have a dream. a dream where all the updates comeout and then the Mushroom King update comes out and the level cap gets upgraded to 70 and there is now lvl 20+ mobs.

oh wait this is already going to happen?

R.I.P your dream, I wished it happened :frowning:.

Having a dream about a roblox game, xd

I mean, your brain does in fact dream about things relating to what you see everyday in your life.

How does Mush-King update come out if it’s already out?

I use to dream I was a Minecraft piston because I wouldn’t get but an hour of sleep a night. When I’d wake up and get ready, I’d have delusions of continuing to be the block from Minecraft while taking a shower.

Love that dream.