I found this new trick to pickup items easier

So I was playing in Vesteria Demo (yes), and I got very frustrated by the pickup button that cancels my movements a lot. I tried to go into the controls settings to change it into something better, and guess what! You could change it into the LMB! It is a lot easier as you can both attack and pick up items at the same time without canceling your movements! You should try it out right now as it is very good and your finger should be able to rest a lot more.
P.S: I tried it in Demo and I don’t own the Alpha Version, so I’m not sure if you can do so in the Alpha Version.

i just use the w key for pick up

It’s your opinion. I’d prefer LMB instead since sometimes you might not want to press that button (W), but sometimes you might not want to use the attack button (LMB, mostly mages).

o neat, n0w i c4n actually use my f key for something else ( :smirk: )

flinging fish

I set it to f since is is right next to wasd.