I found a journey book in the yeti cave

I haven’t seen anyone post about this, are there any other journey book somewhere else? (Other than this one and book at great crossroad)


nice work! make sure to check the areas nearby to see if there’s any other small pieces of lore hiding around

I like how the 2 books I seen so far are from people making dumb decisions then dying.

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this book > lore contest inputs from community

That’s awesome.

looking at this pattern of people dying after doing dumb decisions, heres a prediction of the next one:

“Whew, barely escaped those goblins! Luckily I jumped in this hole I found nearby their village. I think I’ll wrap myself up in these webs I found to sleep in.”


I wonder what other ways people could use to kill themselves

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where’s the book at crossroads?

From exiting nilgarf, from the bridge its left under water in a hole its tricky to explain but just look on left side of bridge

do you have a pic?

“Just made it to the top of Redwood Pass! That was a tiring hike. I’m so exhausted think I’ll sleep on this ledge.”
“Today I dropped my family gem into a well in Nilgarf… yikes. I think I’ll jump down and get it.”
“I’ve successfully set up my treehouse in a Redwood tree. What nice scenery! Those boulders look suspicious, but hey. I’m safe up here.”

This is very nice pic

Theres a lore book near the small goblin cave that leads to the water by SQR entrance

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