I found a cheater/hacker

So first of all i saw this guy before 4-5 hours flying and one shotting with a huge amount of dmg the moglos (around 30k dmg) he was all alone in the server and when i joined and spawned in front of him he instantly left the game i didnt make it to get a screenshot there but he also was 30 lvl he had no items only a 10 lvl staff like this one. right now he is 45 lvl with 1 gold he dosent even have a subclass or anything else not even scrolls on his items… i tihkn u should look for this guy

Dm the dev’s, dont just shout it out please

where can i dm them? im new in forum


If you have proof (specifically video) of this person exploiting, you can message it to the moderators on the Vesteria Discord server.

thats the problem i dont have. i though moderators can spectate him

Moderators are unable to spectate specific users in-game. If you have no proof, then you unfortunately can’t make a claim against someone.

ah that sucks ill try to follow him and record him ;/

Best of luck. If you manage to get a video, then send it to a moderator on Discord.

thanks ill just keep playing vesteria while recording xd

You don’t ping berezaa.

You message a Moderator - like myself and provide video evidence of the exploiting.