I found a bootleg vesteria

Found a game that is literally just vesteria but not.
I was looking at #robloxdev on twitter, when I found this abomination of a game.
I didn’t delve too far into the rabbit hole, but it looks like a copy or bootleg of sorts. I’m honestly not sure if this is illegal, but I’d presume that it might be.

Here’s some screenshots of this “unique, original, not copyright infringing game”


Thoughts? What do you think about this? I think it looks ridiculous.

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well this game isn’t even trying to hide that it’s directly based off of Vesteria
it’s not copyright infringement due to the fact he’s (presumably) stolen no assets or brand logos, only the entire aesthetic of the game was used as a reference

He actually used some of the models from Vesteria.

Wow. Just wow. It’s something that I never thought of that somebody could make a sort of copy of Vesteria. This won’t likely go far, but it sure is something to see. The aspect already is copied, and by the banner there’s a chance the factions might be copied too.

would like proof please

Take a good look at these houses.

ok…? just because something looks similar doesn’t mean you can claim it as yours
what i’m saying is you need concrete proof that these houses were taken forcefully from the game, not just subjective judgment based on looks

They could be really good replicas, but I’m not sure.
I do believe that one of the old demo versions of vesteria got leaked at some point, but I think that they just replicated everything, despite the fact that the well in the screenshot looks very similar to the ones in vesteria.

Either way, I did some more digging and it looks more like this game is using its own, horribly replicated models instead of just ripping them from the game.

I checked the lead developer’s twitter account, and found what looked like their version of nilgarf. There was a fat wizard NPC that had some sort of knockoff archmage armor.


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i just hope ppl don’t go witchhunting this guy cause he wants to make a nearly 1:1 vesteria copy, leave him be atleast

pull out the pitchforks and torches boys, we’re going witch hunting

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Yo this looks lit, cant wait for more updates. Too bad Bereza copied this :frowning:

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If I remember correctly, Berezaa has said that if we didn’t like Vesteria, we could make something better

ok this is the dev’s response to a question asking whether it was inspired by vesteria or not:

definitely questioning if he’s honest. But yea don’t go and attack him

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oh my, you’ve offended my pitchfork

what if it costs 800 robux :flushed:

this game probably looks better than what the ad in the screenshot leads to


How about we go rant about how bad jailbrake is

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The game is open at the moment.

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