I experienced a game breaking glitch

My game froze when I was leaving the farmlands and heading into the spider forest. I’m not sure why this took place, but no matter what I do it remains stuck on the “arriving screen”. I tried rejoining the game multiple times, I tried resetting in the game but to no avail. I’m really quite aggravated by this because I’m not trying to have to restart a game in which I spent 800 robux… I would really appreciate if this problem could be fixed somehow? I can give you any information you need about what I did in game to possible fix the problem…

(I also noticed that the game isn’t broke, I am able to use different slots totally fine. But for some reason, it won’t let me play on slot 2. Every time I join it gets stuck on the arriving screen…)

I even have a video to express my frustration (cant post links here, if a moderator, or anyone who thinks they can help wants to contact me through disc my user is R3D#6624)

Here is the aforementioned video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqe2_r-Wlp4

@Polymorphic Hey can you look into this?

Would be nice to see your error logs (Shift + F9)

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Is that what your looking for?


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Could I possibly helped here, please? @Polymorphic

Anyone…? I spent 800 on the game… I’m really not trying to lose my long hours of grinding off of some glitch I have encountered. @berezaa

I have encountered this problem before. It doesn’t lose data for me. I simply just leave and rejoin and go on with what I was doing. Seems that your problem wasn’t fixed by rejoining and it looks like you’re the only one experiencing it. I don’t have any fixes for your problem, unfortunately as rejoining fixes the problem for me. What I think what would be helpful for the developers, is that you make a video reproducing the bug and opening up the error logs (Shift + F9).

Since your rank is “basic user,” you can now post links in the forums.