I did it, adventurer powerrrrr!

i want to thank everyone who supported me on this journey which i regret so much


now for a lvl 30 warrior vit only


Oh my word what have you done!?!?!? :scream::scream::scream:

i got to lvl 30 as an adventurer yeet

took you long enough lmao

sorry dad i didnt have enough time to grind :frowning:

i would have died inside, good job bro

You’re welcome!

this man, THIS MAN did what MANY couldn’t do

I congratulate you dear sir and hope you achieve everything you desire in life

Oh my I gave you a blessing last night, I think my blessing helped.

Bereza: “Hey guys new level cap, level 1000, good luck killing spiders at 18 exp each until you get your level 1000 adventurer.”

Can’t even get to level 30 with a class…