I cant Complete the Lost palace Quest

I have looked at a Tutorial and The Wiki. They both say you must get the journal to activate the quest. I did, then I had to grab 2 missing pages of the book. I did that, but when i returned to this guy. He wouldn’t continue the quest. Am I Just stupid and am Doing something wrong?

you are stupid.
you NEED to get to meet the insane version of missisipi bones, aka the fake tal rey at the ancient palace which requires a sun pointing puzzle to enter there.
and when you tell him about who he REALLY is, the REAL tal rey will show up and will make you be able to choose a vase.
if you choose the wrong one, you d i e .
if you get the correct one, youll compllete the quest.
the correct one is the one on the floor that resembles the one in the middle of the table AKA the correct one is the broken one on the floor.
when you complete the quest youll get.
3 weapons:
TERUL’S TALON (hunter)
these 3 are provided by tal rey.
these are provided by henry.
dont look at the wiki cuz thats outdated.

Ah. I see what happened. The tutorial said go talk to him again to go on the next part of the quest. Which is what I thought I needed to do. I think I just got confused. Sorry…

its ok.

@Meta please close

Yeah. Again Im sorry for mis-understanding the tutorial…

I will fix the wiki page.

Not a bug.