I Am Laughing So Hard Right Now - The Sale



Ya, I bought the game for 800 robux earlier this week, and I kind of got scared.

this is best deal in history

OMG That 0.125% off is a STEAL! Man, I regret buying paid access early now…

Omg I should’ve waited :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:

Ah I see a fellow Wizard101 intellectual among us, rare sight we are now adays, Im curious tell me your stats

This is unacceptable, I’m asking for a refund!

I haven’t seen you in game for awhile, did berezaa really ban you?

Yes I was banned on the forum for two days. I am back now as the two days have passed.

Here comes the OmG WhAt aN AmAzInG RoBlOx SalE comments…

There goes the uneeded remark…

@Glydewell Yikes