I am having a Yeti Problem

I have been doing Yeti twice in my 4th slot and everytime I’ve killed it I never get drops, I only get about 1.2k xp. So then I was thinking, “Oh, maybe I didnt hit it.” Then, when I went back to Yeti to kill it again the next day there was no one but me and about 4 people. I clearly hit the yeti this time and then went the yeti died I only got 1.3k xp and no drops. So I wanted to make this post to see if anyone is having the same problems as me or can fix it.

In the end, the Yeti drops come down to luck. Sometimes there just will be no good drops at all and you just get unlucky.

Seems like you’re either in a server with an exploiter who’s doing tons of damage to claim all of the drops, or you’re just unlucky. Either way, keep trying and eventually you’ll get lucky and get a drop.

(also you can increase your chance for drops by using the Lucky Boots)

I don’t think its luck cause it has happened twice in a row. And I haven’t encountered any exploiters in any servers im in.

Honestly I’ve had times where I’ve done Yeti four or five times in a row and no rare drops, or at best a single rare drop. It’s not common, but it absolutely happens.

Also, some exploiters are much more sneaky than others. You can tell if there’s an exploiter fighting the Yeti alongside you 4 ways:

  1. Hearing a lot of rapid damage sounds on the Yeti when no one/barely anyone is attacking it.
  2. Seeing a ton of low damage (100-300) numbers on top of they Yeti
  3. The health bar of the Yeti decreases at a rate that it would not normally decrease at (even with a good chunk of people Yeti still takes around 5 minutes. If it’s only taking 1-2 minutes to kill the Yeti, there’s more than likely an exploiter)
  4. After killing the Yeti, there are a lot of drops that seemingly no one can pick up (exploiters typically leave after killing the yeti without picking up their stuff)
  5. A combination of the above.

Make sure to look out for this next time you fight the Yeti.

Ok Ill try to do yeti with my lucky boots instead of greedy boots but Im sure there wasent any hackers cause it took around 9mins. But either way thx for helping atleast

I kill yeti and I didnt even get a single item

lucky boots? never seen

Lucky Boots were originally in the Lost Corridor chest where Greedy Boots are now. All Lucky Boots had their luck stat removed due to the enchantment wipe and Greedy Boots replacing the chest reward beforehand.

Also, please don’t necrobump.