I am getting a vesteria shirt!

idk why I am so excited but I am getting myself a vesteria shirt!!! I am getting the navy blue colored one. I’m just super excited!!! I would type this in all caps if I could.

ye i just bought one

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in 5 to 12 days im getting mine

Yeah, I got the same navy blue shirt!

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i got the heathered one

best color.

I’m too poor while everyone is getting one. ;(

Id get you one if I could, sorry. On the bright side, it is just a shirt.

i like the dark color of the the tshirt

am gonna order 30 shirts because am level 30 hAHAA

ok jk im ordering 2 because i only have 2 level 30s

i’m not gonna order one my dog will bite the hell out of it.