Hydro Guild Invite!

Welcome to Hydro! We are a guild that loves to help our members! When you join you can either be a Member or A Visitor! To join you must be: active, calm, nice, and have a mic and be able to talk. If you do decide to join make sure you have fun and if u have any issues please Direct Message A Admin!

Hydro Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Kd6g6Py

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also put this in discord communities lol
gl on the guild


Good luck with the guild, good to see new guilds coming out.


Probably should go into #discord-servers
Good luck with the guild!

Good luck with the guild and hope this doesn’t get closed like every other guild post outside discord communities!

Leaders and Mods: inactive noises

This was the only sprayable post in ages and you nabbed it ;-;