Hybrid Class concepts

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I’ve been enjoying the beta, and think the game is headed in a great direction. I think the thing that is lacking most now (other than content in general, due to its beta status obviously) is class variety. There are the 3 typical RPG classes – a warrior, a mage, and a rogue type (i.e. hunter). I think it would be interesting if, as a start to expanding the class variety, warrior and hunter had a “hybrid” class that leaned towards the use of magic.


  • May join the Hunter or Mage faction

  • Mobility spell - Shapeshifting: the player takes an animalistic form, gaining speed and changing their class ability.

  • Default spell (unshapeshifted) - Entangling Vine: sends a twisting vine towards the target, rooting it in its place temporarily and dealing small damage if it connects.

  • Default spell (shapeshifted) - Swipe: strikes targets in a cone, dealing small damage and making them bleed for more over time. Benefits from double strike.


  • May join the Warrior or Mage faction

  • “Mobility” spell - Divine Hand: the player brings a target to their position, slowing them if they are an enemy.

  • Default spell - Holy Ground: cleanses the ground underneath the player, causing a small area around them to inflict damage on enemies and grant extra movement speed to allies.

These two in particular I think would be great places to start to make classes more diverse. Druid and Paladin are both typical D&D classes along with warrior (fighter), mage (wizard/sorcerer), and hunter (rogue). In the future, I would also like to see sub-classes for each class that allows a player to tank, damage, or heal their party members. These two classes can do all three of those.

In the case of Druids, in many RPGs in which they are included they can alter the form they shapeshift into. For damage, you may choose a wolf or tiger, while in the case of tanking you would traditionally take the form of a bear.

For Paladins, it’s more straightforward. In D&D as well as games like World of Warcraft, tank-oriented paladins make use of crowd control and “auras” that passively help shield their allies from damage. Damage-oriented paladins use their divine powers to enhance their weapon attacks and harm their foes. Healers use their holy magic to heal their party directly. Additionally, there is room for customization options similar to Druid forms in the idea of D&D-esque Paladin oaths.

Let me know what you think, and please share any ideas of your own!

I do believe the developers said they’re considering subclasses, which would probably be like a job advancement. For example Hunters becoming either Archers(ranged) or Rogues(melee).

There Will Be 3 Sub Classes For Each Class, Meaning 9 Sub Classes In Total.

I think this a great idea and I also think these sub-classes should have their own factions as well to separate them from the other sub-classes.

Very good Idea Altair.

i think adding a bit more depth to classes is kind of needed, pretty sure they said they’re going to add subclasses in the future similar to what you’ve said

Looking through the forums, I found a post from Polymorphic where he responds to someone about sub-classes and talks about a mage sub-class, the Warlock. Here it is: Problem With Mage Class

*he also talks about Cleric and Sorcerer.

Here is some review with my added ideas.

Mage = Cleric: Support Class, Warlock: Tanking Mage (Sort of Dual Fighting? Melee + Magic), Sorcerer: High Damage input, Ranged, Weak Defense

Warrior = (My Ideas) Paladin: Tanking Sub-Class, Mercenary: High Damage Input, Slash and Dash, Weak Defense, Berserker: Balanced

Hunter = Rogue: Floaty, Evasive, Normal Damage Input (Basically for skillful players), Valkyrie Sort of Tanking/Floaty, but slightly below average damage input (Berserker but lowered damage in exchange for evasiveness) Marksman: Ranged/Melee, sufficient in both, goes in and out switching between melee and range, low damage in exchange for dual fighting styles

Most of the names of the sub-classes are similar to D&D classes (see here https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/classes). For Warrior, I recommend these three classes: Barbarian, Paladin, and Monk. As for Hunter, I recommend these three classes: Rogue, Ranger, and Druid.

*Ignore Blood Hunter in the link.

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I like it, just change Barbarian o Berzerker

Sounds cooler in my opinion

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And Rogue to Assassin :heart_eyes:

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Not going to bash your opinion, but I believe that Rogue falls under a more flexible definition than assassin.

Care to explain?

You normally see assassins following orders and such by superiors, often doing dirty work or doing jobs which take extreme precision. They’re also more lone-wolf. Rogues are… Rogues. They are defecting and do not follow others. They are more prone to teamwork with those who think similarly to them. In my opinion, you’d see a group/fiend of Rogues rather than a group/fiend of Assassins. (Because an assassin is normally hired to just take out one person right?) Like, in a world where there are cruel rulers, there is a minority and majority, these ordinary people are tired of such cruel monarchy, so they go Rogue. They work together to get there way or they’re independent and are an extreme minority. The one person that thinks differently and unalike is aloof and Rogue.


I both disagree and agree.

If we’re talking about the abilities a Rogue or Assassin would have, they’re very much similar. Assassins don’t always have to be killing people-- they’re not always hit men. They are both stealth-classes, assigned stealth missions. However, Rogues find themselves missions, instead of given missions by superiors like the assassins (like you said). I do agree with your idea of the actual occupation’s superior’s status, but then again, this is just a game.

I just meant Rogue sounds better than Assassin

Yea I guess it does :sweat_smile:

I disagree, Assassin is much more appealing than Rogue. Also Rogue is far too general for a subclass, as is Archer. Ranger and Assassin are far superior in my honest opinion.

I’m indifferent about Assassin and Rouge, but Ranger is a much more appealing class name then Archer.

I think this is already in mind of the devs because if u ask me mage could eventually branch off to a more supportive role like a healer debuffer/buffer character (id also assume summoner at a very very late game mage subclass that involves ofc summoning allies)