Hurry up and level guys

she’s coming… (hopefully this weekend)

wow, looks like we need a gang of level 30s.

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good thing we have plenty of them in POTM B)

my man, lets form the party right now

what about us lvl <25 people

You’ll definitely need several level 30 players to take the Queen on, even that might not be enough.

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Can we get an F for all the people that are under level 30

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very UNepic

I’m not level 30 ;-;

What reward will we get for killing sprider queen?

prob a lot of loot that you’d get from normal spiders, 70% chance of a spider fang dagger drop, cursed scrolls if they’re created by the time spider queen is released, maybe the crown that the exploiter from the other day had, and a ton of exp

i ain’t farmin with this level gap.

I don’t blame you

Well Xp won’t really be usefull for us max levels, 70% could be neat altrough i would not know how to trade it to my alt. and i really hope the crown gives us good stats. I’d be nice if we also had the chance to get maybe Spider Fang Sword or Spider fang staff.

I Would Agree.

Welp guess I gotta grind
Also people at POTM since I’m in your guild now…pls help ;-;

Instructions unclear, ate bee hive.

Meme Unclear, Became A Toaster.