Hunters execute balance

Hunters have an execute ability which is powerful but only really when used as a finisher since it is a finisher ability (quite obviously). Though, this ability being a finisher ability, requires ways of getting a target to a low health since that is when it is most effective. Unfortunately, Hunters have very little to do so apart from the basic attacks since rock throws and the knife throw hardly do anything, let alone hit. So this forces us to kind of have to use execute within PVP (Sometimes in PVE when it comes to giant monsters) just like any other move, but then it falls behind, especially when you compare it to the lunge uppercut from Warriors which does more damage than execute can do, along with a some forward movement and even deal damage if you get close enough to someone even though the initial swing animation misses.

I think execute should be stronger to compete or at least have future ways in which it becomes a key combo piece, but in general, having a finishing move as one of our starter abilities wasn’t the greatest idea.

Well it is a finisher move that does a lot of damage, I don’t know the difference of damage between it and the warrior move but when subclasses come around, you could pick assassin and then you would gain poison dot which would make execute be decent at using at the beginning of the fight in a combo.

Although this doesnt have anything to do with how op it is, and damage wise etc, in my opinion execute should be turned into a move that just makes your next LMB be the execute skill instead of clicking the execute skill and casting. This would allow hunters to do more combos and hit the move off more often.

As I said, it would be a great move to combo with when other abilities are thrown into the mix. But my point is that Hunters currently are lacking with any way of doing consistent damage since our first ability was one meant to finish an opponent, not lower them since the cooldown of the ability is made longer than most other damaging attacks. Execute should of been added later, but don’t get me wrong, it is great for grinding.

Well if you think Hunter is bad right now, look at mage. I understand what you mean on how we dont have consistent damage but the thing about Thief/Hunter/Rogue/etc type classes is that, they play on burst type damage. They do a bunch of damage all at once and then after cooldowns are done they do the damage again, like Execute isn’t really a problem when it comes to hunter imo, its just knife throw as it misses 99% of the time. Knife throw and like every other range move in the game is pretty trashy rn and since I want to become a ranger, I hope that ranger doesnt end up the same way. Luckily for me ranger is going to work in this way

But i still don’t know if that’s going to be an appropriate fix.

Not saying it is bad at all, I’m just going to hope that we get more meaningful abilities to help with execute, I know mage is the most lacking class at the moment but that shouldn’t shroud other implications of other classes. The whole burst part of our kit hasn’t really come to light, especially when Warrior does a better job than we can.