Hunter subclasses, part 1. (?)

Hi, I just got an idea and it’s about Hunter subclasses.
It would look like this (?)
at certain level you can choose if you would be ranged or meelee hunter, and both of these types of hunters would have 3 subclasses

[ Assassin ( Meelee ) - Squishy but does lots of damage. ]
[ Assassin skill number 1. - Creates a clone for 5 seconds, and goes invisible, if clone gets damaged, the user will go visible again ]
[ Assassin skill number 2. - Neck cut - If enemy has under 30% HP, he can use this skill which will drain out all his mana, but kill the enemy. ]
[ Assassin skill number 3. throws smoke bomb under himself and goes invisible for 10 seconds, if enemy goes into that smoke bomb, he gets poisoned. ]

( I’ll add part 2., 3. after some time, xd )

But there already are confirmed hunter subclasses. Assassin, ranger, and alchemist

oh nvm then my bad

You can still come up with ideas for those class skills tho