Hunter/Rouge type movesets ideas

Here is few cool movset that the rouge class could use ill be using gifs for examples:

Being able to use some form of grapling hook/Rope to being able to peform this move:

“Rope Pull” :

“Jump Kick” when near an enemy you can hold the jump button to peform a jump kick":

“Air trick” teleport short distance to nearest enemy:

“Dash” — Your also able to uppgrade this upp to 3 times.

“Air Dash” Use the dash move while in air:

With all of these moves combined this would make the hunter class alot more fun to play as and fit as the rouge based class set as thier set to be.

I have a topic for all moves called Skill Ideas For All Classes that you should’ve put this on, just for future reference.

The “Dash” And “Air Dash” Have The Same GIF Just Ones Ends Of Earlier.

Ops my bad this is how the air dash is suppose to look like:

They can post it in feature requests and the devs might not notice that

It’s just easier to keep it all organized there, we can always just @ the devs to check it or something