Hunter HP rebalance

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that feels this way but certain hunter subclasses shouldn’t get reduced hp, so I’m suggesting a new balance.

-Hunter Faction: 95% Hp would be fair for a beginning basic class considering a lvl 10 hunter starts with just 260 hp (without any points in vit) from which I here is a stat that’s getting removed/replaced

-Assassin: 100% hp, the class is meant to be close range so why make that its weakness? You cant dash and run around 24/7 and expect to get exp and drops when your only special stat is str.

-Trickster 90% hp, it’s not as close range as assassin, but still is suppose to be able to use melee and bow (was suppose to be trickster only) and even so you do need to be able to take damage a little bit as a trickster as you must get close to yeet yourself and do dmg.

-Ranger 70 - 75% I understand that the nerf was made because ranger was op at the time (even tho it was lag and not hp as the main problem) but even so considering we dont have a system that allows players to use HoA and Ricochet without getting in the line of fire I’d say a small hp buff would be nice for them.

Honestly now that I think about it mage subclasses have more range than ranger lol, maybe I’ll make a balancing post on that soon

Changed to #gameplay-improvements:gameplay-balance for obvious reasons.

honestly hunters should stay 100% HP levels 10-30 because at that point, they aren’t really glass cannons and are just swinging their basic attack

Since they are glass cannons and can do burst damage, they are meant to do hit n runs

Honestly I don’t know how a trickster would play, but they have good mobility (disengage is really good)

Mage’s basic attack is the regular swing, and all of their abilities increase in damage only if you invest in intelligence. Basic attack is strength.

The only “range” mages have is magic bomb, meteor strike, earthcall, and warlock’s pillage

while rangers have their basic attack (which requires no cooldown and can be more easily stat invested into), ranger stance (which is not affected by gravity), barrage (i dont know how useful it is, but earthcall has a similar problem), and ranger’s ricochet.

I recall subclasses being removed, however image

so im not sure what will happen to the health nerfs

Agree. I think they should have normal health but at higher levels (25+) maximum hp gain is lowered.

Pretty good idea overall.

where did you get this?
I want to read the full post

mushtown vesteria discord

Around there, Bere also said hunters as a whole would probably get less health, but across the board increased damage as well when subclasses die.

ok ill check

We already have like 40-50% of players choosing hunter. They don’t need to be even more viable. If you want more health, don’t pick the agile glass cannon faction.

The only good hunter move is shunpo tho, and can assassin atleast get a slight hp increase considering they need to do up close dps to get EXP or Drops.

Assassin is suppose to be a quick burst attack class. This means they should kill their target in one hit, meaning their health is fine at 90%

They have 70% hp, assassin’s cant really 1 shot important mobs like bosses, and as such you rarely see people grinding items on assassin

Assassins and Tricksters are at 80% HP
As an Assassin, I don’t dare to go 30 studs near a boss since I just die. Oftentimes I’m forced to use a bow to fight bosses (whether that’ll be fixed by amulets, I have no idea) due to that. You don’t make a subclass kit based around x and force y on them.

Due to Assassin’s low hp, it’s a hit and run class but the class doesn’t have enough DPS to compensate for how much time they are away from the fight. Remember that a Berserker has high sustain (opposed to Assassin’s extremely low sustain) and higher overall DPS. I highly doubt an hp rebalance could fix anything I mentioned.

tl;dr: Assassin is a Glass Cannon without the Cannon, and a rework would be better for the subclass.

but it’s not a priority and we’re stuck with it, what can you do :man_shrugging:

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I think the solution is to buff assassins into a ridiculous level, or nerf everybody else. What if assassins had a passive where they got some extra damage on their next casted flurry by chaining basic attacks?

Stack that on by making it so that you lose a stack if you take damage, and the assassin turns into a high-risk high-reward burst class that rewards skillful play and could take down bosses all by themselves.


Ok so this is the reason Hunters got an HP nerf insofar as I can tell.

Most Hunters would just get a TON of DEX, and become literal shotguns with multishot. Rangers were generally just too OP with speed stance and multishot, becoming rapid-fire shotgun turrets basically. Tricksters weren’t really affected, because they always sucked at PvE (confusion-style classes don’t work well against AI…). Assassins are MEANT to be hit-n-run tactics, not just a Hunter subclass to be a Warrior.

Assassin doesn’t have enough DPS to make up for their lack of participation in a boss fight for example due to the class being based around hit and run. The subclass is more like high risk low reward.

Assassins are not meant for boss fights. They are more meant for normal mobs.

But Assassin is single target, and bosses are single target.