Hunter Headquarters

What are you thinking it will be like in its looks and vibes could I say, I myself hope for something like the housing in Mushroom Forest but connected with bridges and such, bigger too of course.


Ooh a base in the trees or underground for Hunters would be really cool.

Yeah, a giant city with interconnected treehouses would look pretty cool.

the hunter base is going to be a port city, kind-of like scallop shores.

Damn alright I guess…

Don’t understand why like the Scallop Shores but sounds fine to me, still kind of lame tho.

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Well, if you go to Nilgarf, you see a hunter banner over seaside, and if you go to scallop it looks like a base…but thats just a guess

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It’s already pretty much confirmed that Scallop shores will lead to the Hunter’s base. Just like how Redwood Forest leads to the Warrior Stronghold.

Hunter City pic:

I don’t have any ideas myself but I do hope it looks fire!