Hunter AOE (TNT)

I think that most people can agree when I say that the mage’s AOE spell looks really cool. Because of this, I thought it would be cool if hunter had an AOE of its own. That AOE should be “TNT”.

This skill would be a special skill of course, but only obtainable at a certain level, or trainable, if that aspect is added to the game.

Not only that but I also believe that it should use up to 100-175 MP because its basically making TNT out of thin air.

I think this would be a fun idea, and though most people see the hunter class as overpowered, when the nerf comes, this skill should be something that is added to level the battlefield when mage becomes to overpowered.


this requires hunters to focus on intelligence, which many would not really do (okay im not a hunter-class player but yeah anyways) since that requires approximately like 30 points on intelligence, so not many hunters would really be happy about that. possible solution: lower mp cost, way higher cooldown

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If that is the case then I would suggest the cost of the TNT be fit to be used by hunters, meaning that you wouldn’t have to focus on MP.

On the other hand, I did suggest that it should be obtainable at a certain level, so if your MP increases with your level then there shouldn’t be a problem.

If all stats did get a boost when you leveled up and the stat points were extra, then this would seem more plausible, the build of Vesteria right now doesn’t have that implemented so there’s a chance that it could possibly work if Berezaa would add it. Conclusion: Your Idea May Work

I know, that’s the reason why I suggest this change. We’re all coming up with ideas. But, I appreciate your feedback.

P.s. Only health and MP get a boost when you level up. Not all stats.

Also think this should be added as well.