How would you feel for a SMP

A Vesteria SMP, if you dont know what SMP’s are, allow me to explain.

  • An SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer, where players come together on one server and play together.

For now, if I were to start this, I would have to use free software until I can get enough cash to host a premium server myself. So for now we’ll use Aternos until I get enough cash to host a server on Apex IF this does start.

IP: Pending

  • I would enjoy doing something like this
  • I like the idea, but idk if players will keep playing
  • Dont do this, its a waste of money/time

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can you use the snapshot?
netherite is g o d

Probably not until an actual dedicated update comes out. Bugs are still a thing that might mess up the core gameplay

as long as you’re fine with resetting the nether, hehe

also if you get developers or higher up community people involved in this it could stay big

Most likely the nether will be reset.

But not anytime soon

this would be cool to play on, but idk if it will stay active for long

That’s my concern too. We just have to get a big enough community cause, timezones.

Might make a discord later today, for now lets just see how the votes turn out.

i feel no regrets for simps

I will be making the discord very soon.

ps the server might be going up tonight too, I’ll keep in touch

That didnt take too long. Discord is open:


lol imagine playing vanilla

modded vesteria is coming

Cool idea! Would definitely be interested. I just hole this doesn’t attract too many unwanted people

Wdym by an smp? I don’t understand. Isn’t vesteria already multiplayer?

Vanilla is best at its core.

Its a minecraft server.

imagine having this opinion

dantex moment :moyai: