How We Feeling On Playtest #15?

Hey everyone, its your boi Death again!

So let’s be honest, playtest number 15… got quite a few bugs and generally doesn’t seem really any different from last week right?

Well that’s why its called a playtest, this one was to test the party and trading system and just polish up a few things. But the matter at hand is how do you feel about it? Right now I’m liking giving it a 7/10 leaning towards a 6/10 as a matter of fact. How many of yall have ran into the invisible thing killing you, yeah I have. How many of you getting flung 12496128461 places by other players, yeah I have. I’m sure the list goes on and I have yet to experience the pain you all have experience but thank goodness this is in testing because this test was kind of rough. I saw another post that this testing might get dragged into tomorrow because of the delays, thought yall should just know that.

So do me a solid and let me know how you feel about this testing so far.

1: i have died from WAY to far of a hitbox giant crabby 2: i actually didn’t play much but its pretty cool of the trading and party system stuff

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Party system is pretty good. Haven’t tried trading yet. They definitely need to fix the invis bugs where you cant see NPCs and sometimes Players. Also the flinging with the players is annoying specially when there’s like 15 people trying to fight one boss. All this will most likely be fixed by the next play test though (well im hoping…).

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Theres also that headless dude

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I Honestly feel that playtest #15 was alot more grindy then it did in playtest #14 but thats just me. the things that you stated were really its downfall and I know its going to be fixed in the next playtest.

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Trading didn’t work :frowning: I had to end up dropping the item