How we calculate damage in Vesteria

Some people have been asking around about how your weapon and your stats contribute to the final calculation of your damage. Here are the current formulas for determining damage (subject to change):

Physical Damage

This includes Basic Attack and all melee or weapon-based abilities
Base damage = equipment + (str * 2) + (dex * 0.75) + (int * 0.35)

Ranged Damage

This includes all ranged skills that do not involve magic
Base damage = equipment + (dex * 2) + (str * 0.75) + (int * 0.35)

Magic Damage

This only applies to mage abilities at the moment, but subclasses from Warrior or Hunter may get some form of magic in the future
Base damage = equipment + (int * 2) + (vit * 0.75) + (dex * 0.35)

It’s important to realize that “equipment” is factored into all damage. This number is the “Weapon Attack” number on your character’s weapon. Players have gotten Lvl 15 items to over 100 Weapon Attack already using scrolls. At Lvl 15, a warrior who invested all of their points into STR would have 90 damage added to their attack by their STR. Even at Lvl 30, a max STR warrior would get 180 bonus damage. Once we release weapons in the Lvl 30 range, however, this difference will get even bigger.

The Takeaway

Your equipment is the most important thing to focus on as you try to make your Vesterian the strongest grinder in the Spider caves. Spec’ing out all of your points into one stat to maximize damage isn’t the only viable strategy. It makes sense for a Warrior to put points into INT to increase their mana pool, and it makes sense for mages to put points into STR to raise their basic damage, and to increase their defense.

Once “Base Damage” is calculated using the formulas above, we also take the difference in level between you and the monsters/players you are trying to fight into account. Finally, abilities have their own multipliers which can be increased by putting points into them. These multipliers are applied to your Base Damage to determine the final damage.

Hope this helps!


This definitely helped! I’ll be sure to use this as a reference.

Very helpful, now I know why DEX would be more useful for hunters.

extra info:
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This was said in the Livestream

Ahh perfect, know we know!

looks like my 1:1 str/int mage wasn’t that bad of a build

pretty sure a level 15 warrior with max str would get 90 bonus damage and a level 30 warrior would get 180 bonus damage…

Okay, this is actually pretty helpful. One thing I’m not sure about, is if I should put STR into my mage I just need an opinion if you would put STR into your mage.

whoops. Good catch. Still, it doesn’t make a massive difference when compared to the bonuses that other stats give you.

Besides, we’re also adding higher tier scrolls and higher level items soon.

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When bows eventually get added for Hunters, will it count fully as a ranged basic attack and have DEX be dominant in scaling its damage?

yes. Although one of the subclasses may have a magic ability or two.


Is this updated to the current system?

How is it calculated? How much would my damage increase against monsters 9 levels below me?

Is it still a multiplier or is it just a number added to the Base Damage?

Is this up to date?

Also I want to know how defense is factored into damage.

I kinda just assumed this was up to date because I’ve been using it as a reference and i doubt they would change it.