How To Waste Time

Like most people here, you’re here to see how to waste time properly. Follow these easy steps and you’ll be wasting time in no time, so… contradiction forget about it…!

  1. First you must figure out how you waste time most efficiently, or do whatever you like the most. However, some people claim it as something that is completely vulgar or eating. That is something you don’t do, don’t spend time eating. Watching television is fun so why not waste the hours away on that.
  1. Now that you’ve been using your television device it transmit shows to your brain which malfunctions you brain. Now you’d maybe want to take a nap or you can just simply continue to watch television until time to take a nap.
  1. Now that you’re taking a nap or if you see this instruction, you should make sure to nap somewhere safe and comfortable preferably your bed. What’s this you bed is preoccupied by someone? Now you must go on an epic quest to remove them from your bed. First start from the basic village and be on your way to the mountains. While you’re on you way you’ll fight Thieves, Bithieves, or big thieves, they are slow. As well as Orthieves, these guys sometimes are thieves or are not thieves.
  1. These types of thieves should drop kinds of equipment suited to you, great now go to the mountain peak. Once you reach the top you may see a man in a robe. He’ll give you a scroll. Open the scroll and read the words. Those words make you travel back in time. Now you’re back at your house, with your equipment, unequip it and sell it for a lot of money. The equipment looks rich in historical value therefore giving you a huge profit when selling to a historian.
  1. With this huge profit on your hands you amassed, you can now spend some time in luxury, make sure not to spend it all.

On another note: if you keep receiving the scroll too many times you may travel to a point where you’re not born, if you see yourself as a baby, it’ll create a time paradox, possibly killing you. Do not do this unless you have complete knowledge over your life. Also, you’ll still age.

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Eat, Not sleep.

Here’s another method of wasting time: Play Vesteria 24/7