How To Start Off as a New Vesterian (Walkthrough)

This is accurate as of October 13, 2018, quests/gameplay may have changed, so have your way at playing.

First off, you must make a new character. An Adventurer should start off with some nice new clean clothes of your choice. Keep things stylish or creative.

Next, you see you have started off with your new character holding a stick in Mushtown. The stick is the weakest weapon in the game, but don’t worry, you will be able to get better weapons easily from there. Go to the NPC near the small bridge in the little town. He will grant you a quest to collect resources to bring his wife back to health. You must go collect 25 Mushroom Spores in return for some good stuff. You might also see a merchant to the right of you at spawn, you can worry about that later.

From there, go out of the town section of the map and into the area with the Baby Shrooms straight ahead. They are fairly weak and easy to kill, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting Spores. You will also level up really quickly, which leads to more skill points. You should invest skill points depending on the class you would like, or you could be creative with your build, but beware, you can’t reset your build. I also recommend you set your pickup button to an easy-to-reach button, such as F (it’s what I use) by pressing the gear at the lower right corner of your screen and setting the pickup hotkey. Don’t forget; transparent drops can’t be picked up by you, but all non-transparent drops are yours!

Once you are level 2, the first ability you should get is Double Slash. Name says it all; it is double efficiency for killing mobs and is fundamental for fast early game progression. Focus a few points into Regeneration level 3 onwards. Focus on upgrading Rock Throw too if you have an Intellect build for a future Mage. I highly recommend consistency when upgrading your stats as well.

At the time you get 25 Mushroom Spores, you probably would be around level 3 or 4, and have a Wooden Club equipped at the time. You are doing pretty well if that’s you! Go back to the NPC by resetting (don’t worry, there’s no death penalty). He will give you 60 XP, some coins, and a 100% Scroll for Weapon Attack, which can be used to strengthen your weapon. I recommend saving that Scroll for a little later.

Continue grinding the Baby Shrooms until you feel comfortable to start grinding the (Adult) Shrooms. If you have any extra items you don’t need, the merchant can buy them for you! Go to the merchant on the right side of you at spawn. Don’t buy anything from him. Open your inventory, and drag and drop whatever item you need to sell. If you are selling multiple of an item, you can enter the number of that said item to sell it (I’m not sure if you can sell multiple of a non-stackable item yet). It will show you the number of gold you get by selling the entered number of items.

When you have 1,500 gold, buy the Pitchfork. It can easily carry you to level 10 if you apply a 100% Scroll to it. You can do that by dragging and dropping the scroll directly on the weapon if you have it equipped. The effect will be automatically applied. There is a level 7 weapon (Oak Axe), but it is from a somewhat difficult mob for a lower level player, so I recommend you just wait until level 10 or buy it from another player.

From there, you should be good. When you are level 10, don’t forget to go to Nilgarf to choose your class and explore to find quests to do!

Tl; dr? Well:

  1. Create your character.
  2. Get quest and grind Baby Shrooms.
  3. Get Double Slash and spend skill points and upgrades wisely.
  4. Complete quest and sell extra items.
  5. Buy Pitchfork and upgrade it.
  6. At level 10, choose class and explore.
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