How to set up an organized guild/team PvP battle

If you wish to fight against a group of people while being teamed with allies, this guide will show you how to do so (in response to a guild declaring war).

  1. Have your competing guild/team members meet up in a flat area.
  1. Line up your members based on their guild/team in a way that you are all facing the other guild/team.
  1. Have the first member on one side send duel requests to everyone on the other side.
  1. When the first person on one side is finished sending duel requests on their opposite side, repeat step 3 with the second member on the same side.
  1. When everyone on one side has sent duel requests and everyone on the other side has accepted the duel, line back up your team/guild in a war-like fashion.
  1. Have the “war leader” countdown from 3, and let the games begin!
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A lot of guild battles are just every time you see a member of the other guild, they usually just battle. Also, are you in a guild? It seems like your against it.

I’m not against it; I encourage it since it can be a fun experience for players.

I’m not in a guild…yet.

I don’t like guilds it makes you rely on others and you know who rely’s on others NORMIES REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

It’s funny that you mention this topic as it’s been on my mind. I think I’m going to follow a more of a Sun Tzu approach to this issue. See, my issue is about how to motivate the troops to conduct a war peacefully, but in ever scenario, the idea always dies. Then it dawned on me!

A key aspect of war is reward, we go to war to get what we want. Now a days we dilute ourselves with some higher goal being our objective, but this is a game. We sit at our desks or on our beds, hidden behind a computer screen and the only real thing we want is to be ourselves. No false ideas about a higher goal or a greater good. So, although it’s an unpopular idea, wars are not friendly and should not be held as friendly events. They’re about destruction. The reward is the humility of the other team. (That or a few potions, but that’s a discussion for another time)

Join SK, thx.

Better yet just go to the colloseum and you dont have to send duel requests XD