How to safely farm crabs as a level 2 adventurer

Found a new low level grinding method.
You need to go to the crabby den (An underwater area found in the ocean in seaside path) and then use an attack like magic missile or rock throw. If you can’t find the crabby den, look up a forum or video guide that shows you where it is.

The entirety of the crabby den is filled with water, so you can swim there and infinitely kite the crabbies until you get the amount of experience you need.

Watch out though, the crabbies will probably kill you in one hit even with the wooden shoulder pads. :crab:

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oh, great tip. thanks!

in order to farm higher level creatures, avoid getting attacked by using something that can attack from a range

rock throw, magic missile, arrows, magic bomb, thundercall, etc.

^ global tutorial for How to safely farm [Monster] as a [Level lower than the Monster]

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Level 2.
Has an axe

It’s just a demonstration. He didn’t use the axe after all.

You can get magic missile at level 2. This was on my level 7 slot, with -1 int due to the melvin’s axe debuff.