How to re-balance the warrior class via groundslam variants

Welcome to my post! Please take this post with a grain of salt, because I know that many people will not like it. I made this post as a way to critique warrior gameplay, and improve it while also providing it in a way that the developers could implement within a very short time.

Recently, I’ve been playing a lot of knight and paladin. Both of those classes seem to suffer from an issue where they have too many abilities at once, and they end up mashing buttons waiting for their animations to end which is not very fun to play.

All of the warrior subclasses have main damage abilities that prevent the casting of other abilities like magic missile when they are active, which makes them even more of a chore to micromanage them when you have several of them at once. You can’t quick slash or rock throw during a bladespin or a parry. The same goes for shield charge, rebuke, and groundslam.


My suggestion is to take three of the warrior subclass abilities that have this property, and tie them in as groundslam variants instead of being apart of the skill book for subclasses.

These abilities being rebuke, shield charge, and bladespin. They would all be changed so that they would work with different weapon classes while being tuned so that they are unique enough from eachother.

Their cooldowns, mana costs and damage output would all be changed to be on par with groundslam. Groundslam would stay on characters with a high strength stat, and would gain the shockwaves normally gained from the dustwurm cudgel.

Here’s a comparison of what your warrior skill book might look like going from a high vitality build to a high strength build.

Part of why I wanted to make this post was because right now the design philosophy of the warrior subclasses is ridiculously complicated. They seem incredibly powerful at first, but then you realize that half of their skills force them into long animations with casting endlag.

It feels terrible to play a warrior compared to a ranger or a warlock.
Warriors aren’t really special compared to the other classes, but they have such a ridiculously large pool of abilities that that they just aren’t fun.

Five out of a knight’s eight abilities have endlag that prevents the casting of other skills. By the time you finish that shield bash, your groundslam is off cooldown. Then your parry is, and then shield bash is done before you even get a chance to even use quick slash.


The final reason why I want to see these abilities to be turned into groundslam variants, is for future balancing purposes.

The one thing these abilities all have in common is that they dish out large amounts of damage, with short cooldowns and endlag that stops you from casting other skills for a time.

Warriors don’t use quick slash or triple slash, but instead just cast the next ability that has the big number on it because their second one from their subclass (rebuke, bladespin, etc) is already off cooldown by the time they finish using their groundslam.

By making it so that they only have a single one of these abilities, you make it so stats like dexterity and vitality are more desirable for warriors due to basic attack speed and tanking ability respectively. It’s also much easier to re-balance them in the future, if it turns out that one ability is a bit too strong compared to others, just buff the others up to par with it.

EDIT: Made an edit to the last few paragraphs so that the post is more detailed now.

what’s the sixth ability in the pic

iM uNsMArT

Taunt. It’s for knights and has no icon yet. Same goes for shield bash, which is in the 2nd slot


I think ber already talked about groundslam variants. I like the idea though, and the only big problem I see with it is that the three mentioned abilities are said subclasses main damaging abilities, so there would have to be something else to replace them.

Str: larger radius
Dex: more shockwaves
Int: magical pulses
Vit: Heals you and surrounding players

Those abilities would replace groundslam. Of course, groundslam would be heavily buffed with its stat variants, and its variants would all become one of if not the strongest damage abilities in the game.

I could see rebuke getting 430% power to make up for its long cooldown and getting a doubled mana cost, shield bash getting a damage increase and a stun duration increase, and bladespin getting an increased spinning speed with a higher DEX stat, and a reduced cooldown upon hitting a target.

I feel like no one uses parry and how it doesn’t fit in the skill book as a defensive skill. Parry should be reworked and added to the knight skillset as they have shields. Knights should have a block skill since shields are meant to be more defensive based.

Damage reduction during the parry will be increased and immediately after parry you can follow up with an attack or ability. These are confirmed changes