How To Play Vest Area

Like most people, you're probably wondering how do I play Vest Area, when the Paid Access is not out yet? Follow these easy steps and you'll get your own Vest to play with.
1. Find out where the Vest Areas are going to be sold, online, or in store. Once you have found that you must contact your local troll, which you can summon using your time machine, the clock. Trolls have tolls they have, if you tell them using time they spent too long taking tolls from passerbuyers, then they will take a break.
2. Now you must grab a tree, and smash the Troll with it, if RNG is in your favor, the Troll will drop some coins, which will fund your payment of Vest Area. However, sometimes Trolls do not drop coins because their toll fees failed them. Therefore you must start your own business. Example:Buying toys, objects of little worth, which barely cost you anything, then selling it for less money to make a huger profit. We do not recommend doing this, as you’ll be drowning in cash, and you’ll have to burn your fires. How to deal with fires will show you have to burn your fires down, so those fires will not harm you
3. If you made enough money congratulations, you can now convert that cash into American Dollars, to USD, which is to say is a great investment, as you will get a lot of gains from this investment, as you can now buy a lot of stuff due to it being money, and money can buy just about anything. With this money, you can now buy better equipment for yourself, and start building your castle of your dreams. What’s this? Some people don’t want to build a castle, but would prefer to be the castle? Very well, here is how to be a castle. You must firstly consume those you assume to be your subjects. Preferably chairs. Once you have consumed enough subjects, you must obtain the title of King.
4. A. In order to be king, you can lead your subjects into war and be successful, and you’ll be known as the War King, not a War Hero, because the chairs people like War King title better.
4. B. If you become a War King as your castle, you’ll be known as a warring castle, and you’ll be fought every single day, and every single yesterday, whether you don’t or don’t not like it or like it or not.
4. C. To successfully become king, you must tell your chairs people that you are their leader, if they agree, congratulations you’re now a king. However, there are some chairs people that would rebel against your rule, therefore you will either eat them, since they’re chairs sentence them to unable to speak sentences or eggsile them.
5. Now that you are successfully king, you can now order craftsman, oh wait you don’t have craftsman in your castle just yet. To make them, you simply attempt to create a chair man, since they are being “crafted”.
6. Now that you have craftsman, you can show them the blueprints of a vest, with that they’ll start attempting to recreate that perfection, and make it as beautiful as you. If your craftsman have successfully done so, then you may start selling those vests.
7. With those profits of those vests, you can convert them to any currency you want via credit card or exchange. Some people prefer credit cards since they can make virtual purchases with them. With those profits you can use it on your loyal subjects, but if you don’t they’ll be angry at you because that event always happens, therefore you must spend quite a bit.
7. A. You can instead have your craftsman create a cheap currency made out of something simple to give to the people, and all will be swell.
8. With that credit card money, you can now spend it on a Vest Area, a place to make vests. With that you can now play "Vest Area"
9. If you chose the route of the not being the castle, you can simple follow these steps, except the difficulty mode you selected would be on extremely difficult. For those of you trying to understand the pun of Vest Area, Vesteria, you can buy that if you have $10, converted to a currency that starts with a letter?
9. Repeat these steps 1-9 in order to get Vest Area.
10. You can restart on New game+ where you’re forced to select the route of the not being the castle route which is to say, it’ll ramp up the difficulty from extremely difficult to extremely extremities of easiness which is to say is very hard. If you successfully beat that mode, well you gain nothing except bragging lefts.


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