How To Pick Up Everything Ever

In this guide I will show you how to pick up everything basically automatically and as fast as possible, it’s a lot easier than it sounds.

Step 1: Open Settings (Default hotkey is X)
Step 2: Bind “Pick Up” to “W” (Or up arrow key if you’re 8 years old)
Step 3: Now as long as you’re holding W, drops will automatically be picked up!


terrible guide. make sure to set Pick Up as key pad 9.

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I manually press Z every time I see an item :wink:

BAH! this is garbo you set it to =, everyone knows that

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Set Pick-Up To “Alt” And Set Swing To “F4”
This Is Much Better In My Opinion.






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Since you’re sLoW, let me explain.

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Can you guys remind me how the word ingenious has anything to do with this topic? :wink:

I Said Set Pick Up To Alt And Walk To F4.

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