How to Nerf Rangers

The answer is simple. Replace Ranger’s Stance with Sniper’s Stance, which when active drains MP slightly slower but basically gives you a scope and increases damage a little.

While also increasing the DEX requirements for more arrows. Would make getting more arrows an actual tradeoff.

Is that a good or bad thing?

Good thing. You really shouldn’t be shooting 3+ arrows unless you have an absurd amount of DEX. 50 DEX is far too low.

So ok u r in favor of this?

Agreed with meta, the DEX requirements for multiple arrows is way too low

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you guys are honestly still arguing about rangers but sorcerers are catching up to rangers.


Sorcerers for some reason haven’t gotten nerfed yet.
Their meteor is far too OP, and can wipe out a large group of Dustwurms with ease.
Berezaa has failed to realize how OP sorcs really are, which in my opinion is crazy.

rangers are miniguns

and yet we’re barely over 1k hp

Sorcerers have been balanced, idk what you nerds talking abt. They aren’t the ice call gods they used to be.

He’s just talking about meteor’s 8 second cool down to Cleric’s 30 with Cleric’s doing cheese damage. A suggestion I offer here is that Meteor Strike’s blast reflects off of walls

Makes sense doesn’t it? You shouldn’t be able to be tanky and put out massive amounts of damage at the same time from a far distance where basically nothing can harm you.