How to make forums not alive again

You can read an epic saga of Borbenibenigus and his greatness.

  • Sure I’ll take that epic saga
  • No thanks
  • hey you already killed forums before with your boringness

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Borbenibenigus’s saga actually starting depends on your choice.

then again you can always go the long route and just reply on every dead post

rekt jk make a epic saga

it’ll be arriving soon, hmm how many parts should there be

hMMmMmMmMMmMm idk 214?

ya want each part to be pretty long?

yes for sure. You dont have to make 214 maybe like 5 idk but I would prefer very long then tons of spamy small bits.

I can try to make one everyday like poll of the day

ooo thats ambitious i dont know waht epic saga of Borbenibenigus is or what its about but that seems hard idk do what you think is best and want :smiley:!

okay, well to start things off, the epic saga of Borbenibenigus is simply going to be made along the way with my own ideas, i’ll make a post that’ll house all of the parts.