How to make forums alive

release paid access early.


content has to be made, so you (referring to me, headlessmicrowave) can’t beg for it. (although it would be pretty cool to lay 1k robux down already and play everday)

Please don’t release paid access early. I want to do things with my life before the game comes out.

What Life? You Stayed For Nearly 2 Days After Vesteria Closed On Saturday.

Exactly, I had things to do but I decided to play the game instead. That’s why I don’t want it to come out yet.

what is life? on what level do you unlock it? does it give me any stat boosts?

An Overpowered Skill. You Unlock It At Level 30. It Gives +10 In All Stats, STR + VIT + INT + DEX.

thanks god himself

Now back to this topic