How to make Colosseum ( finally ) alive and my idea on Storage upgrades

Hello many of you maybe already know me from Vesteria discord. Maybe through my ambition on playing Colosseum. This map has a lot of potential to be a way to have ‘endless’ progress in Vesteria.
Past times they have been just adding new maps and gradually increased lvl cap and added weapons. Well you can get all of those in just weeks and that then its over, you can’t pretty much do to progress, to experience new things. Its just the amount of things you can do is limited. An example of endless progress would be guild battles but it is too soon to talk about it.

My idea on how to improve Colosseum:
Well I want that Colosseum has a seperate level from all other zones. You can increase your level by only killing players when it has 15+ players. The weapons/armors in the shop have a level requirement to buy. So it will require skill ( kind of ) to gain good weapons. It is possible to lose your level. I would keep the idea of marks of valors and as you increase your level, you would get benefits in the battle.
I think with this seperate level from Vesteria we know of, will balance out the strenght between a lvl 49 player and someone who is lower. So they will have the same ATK thing you have, while in other zones the higher lvl has more ATK because he is higher lvl. I think with proper adjustments and improvements Colosseum will be loved by many.

Idea on Storage upgrades:
Everyone wants to have more storage in the bank because the game is getting more and more content. Well it is finally time to add upgrades to the storage and it shouldn’t have to be payed by silver/gold ( because too much grind after the release of guild halls ). Instead it should require items from miscallenious section ( MOB drops ) to upgrade your bank. Items like Fractured/Shattered Moglo masks, Stingtail claws, ratty heads and even crystal beetles. It should of course require a lot of these and miscallenious items will finally have an use. Well it doesn’t have to be exactly these but mainly rare drops.

I hope the developers read this and can’t wait what you guys think about this.

No idea who you are.

For colo, I don’t really like your idea but I’m not sure what I think it means. What I think you’re trying to say is you get levels from killing other players and in order to buy things. This would farther discourage people from playing in colo since it would be a pain to get kills.

For storage, it’s not really a grind since silver is easy to obtain. Mob drops to upgrade wouldn’t make much sense at all. The grind for a t3 guild is suppose to be hard. If everything was easy to get like mob drops, nobody would play because everyone would be on the same level of having good gear.

For your Colosseum idea, I think I need a bit of clarification. By “separate level”, does that mean we can no longer use weapons that are above the level we have in Colosseum that we could normally use because we’re normally the right level (basically, if I have a Spider Fang Dagger and I’m level 28 in the normal game, but only level 2 in Colosseum, can I use it)? Also, the imbalance of Colosseum isn’t really caused by levels, but more by the balance of the classes and the abilities themselves, so it wouldn’t really help balancing off the strengths of two of the same level players.

For the storage upgrade idea, miscellaneous items will find a use as crafting materials. Also, you’re pretty much contradicting yourself by saying that it shouldn’t be paid for with money, and then listing items that can directly be sold for money.

Uh I don’t think it should be cheap to get extra storage. I expect like dozens of golds to get at max storage but it would be unfair cuz only the best players ( lvl 49 ) can get azariahs edges/ auktifiti bow and can earn max storage in just 2 days. While adding miscallenious items would be much better. They will need patience and hard-work to earn rare miscallenious items. My example of beetles/ratty heads are kinda bad cause you can easily farm them but the shattered/fractured are kinda rare ( ~0,75% to get only 1!! ). Im not contradicting myself, those miscallenious trash sell for so much less. One stack of fractured/shattered is like 20s while a stack of mogomelons is only 14,8s. The pricing in that example is not normal at all… But the rarity between them is huge… Thats why i find it great to put rare drops in storage upgrades and it shouldn’t be a few, it should be stacks and stacks.

Whatever lvl you are in other zones, you start at lvl 1 in Colosseum, tho the benefits you get as your normal lvl don’t apply, like ATK and DEF you get each lvl. You can use weapons like spider fang if you have the required lvl duh. I just can’t say exactly how will the levels in Colosseum work, its up to devs but that is my idea. Did you even try fighting someone who is 5+ levels higher than you in Colosseum? I can remember back in the days when lvl cap was 30 and i was like 25 and it was a huge pain to even deal 30% of dmg. You are right, the imbalance between abilities is huge problem but what if they fix that? Then we will have the problem with levels we can easily avoid with that seperate level

I don’t see the issue with this. Of course the best players can reach goals faster than newer or lower level players. That’s the the nature of how games like this work. If you argument is that it should be expensive to buy more storage, why not just make it something like 10g/extra slot, capping out at a certain point? Most players who aren’t constantly grinding aren’t going to get 10g too easily, if that’s your concern.

Your argument is basically that everyone should be on an equal playing field to get bank upgrades, rather than basing it on money which is most easily farmed in Whispering Dunes, the highest level area. Unfortunately, you’ve neglected to notice a new glaring issue caused by your idea, which is that high level players will end up stealing mobs from low level players to get the miscellaneous items they need to make their bank slot.

Furthermore, gathering miscellaneous items for bank slots simply makes no logical sense. With money, you can afford to hire people to renovate your bank, but with items, what are they going to do, make another section of wall using Ratty Heads?

I agree, some items could for sure use a tweak to their selling price to shops, but the way to make them useful isn’t by having you collect 500 masks (a challenge most easily met by the best players you seem to want to limit, by the way), but instead with crafting, or other systems put in place to allow you to actually use them for something other than selling and in general making them higher priced in shops.

This did not answer my question. For the sake of clarity, let’s call levels in the Colosseum “Colosseum levels” and levels elsewhere “Normal levels”. So can you use the Spider Fang Dagger is you have the required normal level, but not the required Colosseum level, or do you need the required Colosseum level equivalent to the normal level?

Yes. Back in the day when I was working to get my Hunter slot to level 30, I used to try to do Colosseum at around level 23. It was difficult for sure, but it was possible to get one or two marks here or there by stealing them from others or by finishing people off.

I agree with you that Colosseum should be more open to players who aren’t quite as high a level, but that could just be giving them a slight buff in Colosseum to bring them up to max level attack and defence stance, rather than re-working Colosseum and giving it this special system.