How to handle the new colosseum items

Hi! Welcome to my post. As always, I appreciate those who read my posts and continue to support me elsewhere.

I suggest that instead of making the new tier 3 colosseum items cost hundreds of valor, (IE: 800 valor for a single piece of leggings) that we instead get a new currency instead of valor. For the sake of simple referencing, we will refer to this currency as marks of honor.

Marks of honor will be used to purchase all Colosseum gear, and act as a second “season” of Colosseum marks.

They drop the same way as marks of valor. Marks of valor and all valor equipment would be permanently retired, and there would be a vendor who would allow you to convert valor into honor at a 5:1 ratio. In other terms, 5 stacks of valor would turn into 1 stack of honor.

Why retire Valor?

By replacing valor with honor, you would decrease the overall inflation of the valor currency. At the moment, there are tens of thousands of marks in the economy that people have saved up. By forcing people who had tons of valor saved up to convert it all into honor, you encourage people to play Colosseum more in order to get the new equipment.
Additionally, old valor items would become very rare and turn into collector’s items.

The replacements for valor equipment would have the same level, albeit they might have perks that would be much more suitable in the game’s current meta.

Overall, I think that retiring valor would be a beneficial update to the game. Players who endlessly farmed valor waiting for the next Colosseum update would still be rewarded, and all of the new players who didn’t wouldn’t be completely screwed over.

Thoughts? Please discuss how you would feel about this change in the comments below.

This would be a nice addition.

Ok so a few things:

  1. There’s T2 Colo gear now? When was that added? (sorry I haven’t been to Colo in awhile, only good things there are for warrior, hunter mask is good but Moglo is better).
  2. What about Ethera’s quest (the one for 5 marks)? Would that be changed to give Honor instead of Valor? Or would it remain the same, making 1 Mark of Honor per 12 hrs (quest is repeatable every 12 hrs, not 24 as I first thought)?
  3. Also, instead of retiring Valor entirely, how about just make it a higher tier currency. For instance, the current T1 stuff and T2 stuff would still be obtainable for Valor, but T3+ would cost Honor. Perhaps when the Colo is “live” (15+ lvl 15s on), players can drop either Valor or Honor (always drop one or the other, perhaps a 25% chance to get Honor instead of Valor).

They are making new colo gear, but this system isn’t necessarily going to be implemented.

OK. But is T2 gear implemented yet?

I know more Colo gear is planned, but T2 has been “planned” for months now and nothing.

It’s not been added yet, but the first time I learned about them was a recent pic in the leaks hub. But I guess they’ve planned it for awhile.

Planned, yes. Likely to ever be fulfilled, no.

Eventually it will happen…