How To Get Solo Servers

Alright, I see. You want to get a solo server because you want the yeti drops to yourself or want to level, ey? Well see, I got the perfect thing for you. First, join the server you want to solo, then, find a random player. Search that players name in the player list on ROBLOX, then click the three dots and block them. Rejoin the server and you should be able to go. Proof this works:

And no, you won’t get banned because that would be very unreasonable because there is no rule for you to not do this, it’s not malicious and does not disrupt economy or anything else at all. I even believe the developers will add an ingame way without glitching for solo servers. The only bad thing that can happen (which is very unlikely) is that you get warned. EDIT: Turns out people can still join your server, it’s not actually solo, it’s just creating a separate server. EDIT 2: please dont attempt this as it will break vesterian time space continuum, people will have too many separate servers.

Im pretty sure there was already a guide for this lol

Also unblock the people after pls I hate separate colo severs :weary:

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lol i dont think you can view other’s blocks, and if so, my vesteria account is TheHauntingAzmodean

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