How To Get Fished

Like most people, you're probably wondering how to get fished. First of all you must first create a fishing rod.
Fall hole these easy steps and you’ll be getting fished easily.
1. Craft a fishing rod, but how exactly? When you think of fishing rod you think of fish, thus you must first steal fish from a bear in a river. These bears are quite aggressive, which is why they are called Grizzly Bears, because they make a Grizzle sound. If you successfully stolen a fish from one of them without dying, congratulations you got a fish. Now you’re probably wondering, why can’t I get it from a super market? Why you can’t, because those fish are not required to make a fishing rod.
1. A. As for the rod part, what is a rod you may ask. When you think of a rod, you think of martial artists, as some of their weapon of choices would be a rod or a pole for long reach and light-weight durability. You must challenge a martial artist with a rod, if they do not have one, they are not the one you’re looking for. IF successfully beat them in a RPS (Rock, Papers, Scissors) Fight, congratulations you just got a rod.
1. B. Use the alchemy powers you have obtained over the years, what’s this you don’t know how to do alchemy?! Simply put the two together, and you have a fishing rod, that’s basic alchemy, creating stuff from what you have, nothing new is ever created therefore nothing is truly new.
2. With the fishing rod you have, you can now get fished, but how exactly, you don’t have a hook, or bait. Thus you must first obtain a hook crafted by the finest material known as plastic. Now like most people, you're probably wondering, why plastic, why not wood? Simply because plastic is more durable, as it cannot break down easily as it requires many years to erode, possibly centuries. With this new information acquired, you're probably wondering, why didn't I just get buy a plastic fishing rod? Simply because this was not in the steps.
3. One way you can obtain a plastic hook if you ask a blacksmith, they work with all kinds of metals, such as plastic, which is exactly what you’re looking for! Thus, ask your local blacksmith and they’ll have it done in a moment. However, they usually use up their plastic supplies really quick, thus you’re on a quest to get plastic.
4. First of all in order to find plastic you must first buy money to buy a metal detector. However, if you do not have a metal detector, then you must make money yourself. In order to synthesize money you must either find it on the ground, or find it at the bottom of the sky. Once you have enough money to buy a metal detector, congratulations you can now find plastic.
5. To find plastic, use the detector on objects you believe contain plastics. You will need about a TON in weight, of plastic materials, if you found enough by example: Using the metal detector on things called “Trees” you’ll surely find tons of plastic. IF you have collected enough plastic then head back to your blacksmith.
6. S/He will notice the amount of plastics you have, with that surplus they’ll give you a lot of money for it, and create your fishing hook out of plastic. With this money, you can now buy plenty of fishes.
7. After buying all the fishes you want, give them all fishing rods. Follow Steps 1-6 until all fishes are given fishing rods.
8. Now in order to get fished, you must give bait to those fishes, and what is exactly is bait on a fishing rod? Some baits are known as scamming, or extortion of money. Now you're probably wondering, they are all kinds of baits, will those work? Definitely will, once you have enough of these baits for your fish you’re set to go.
9. Enjoy being fished, assuming you have bought a huge aquarium of people, and those fish have hands.

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