How to Freeze Ice

Hi you, like many people are wondering how to freeze ice. This is a very simple problem as ice can easily be frozen. In order to do this, place a block of ice into your freezer. Now in a few days your block of ice will be frozen, but the question is how exactly. The process assumed is that the freezer removes the pressure from the ice block. The freezer itself doesn’t freeze objects, but removes the heat and pressure of it, thus making objects feel cold, because without any pressure you hav, let’s skip that, in other words, it freezes the thing you want to be frozen. In order to have your block of ice frozen, let the ice wizard leaked subclass, okay it’s the don’t freeze your block of ice, the only thing is that you have to pay that ice wizard, a couple of dollars, converted from USD to American Dollars. It’s a very complicated process, but after you do that, the ice wizard freezes the block of ice for you. Sometimes his their ice mage does not affect the ice, therefore you must hire let’s say about 10 more ice wizards, these ice wizards will work, if you pay them in American Dollars, converted to USD which is about 10 for each wizard, another complicated process, and like said before, they’ll work for a couple dollars, USD converted to American Dollars. If the ice block successfully freezes, congratulations you just froze your block of ice, for the price of about 122 USD converted to American dollars. However, if you fail to do so, you must simply ask the ice block to be frozen. This is where things get complicatived. If your ice block is kind, then it’ll gladly be frozen free of charge, but if it’s evil, like the evil evil ice block, very bad guy then he’ll require you to pay a toll, in order to get across from him to activate his freeze button. The guy ice block will require about 10 fire dollars, converted from USD to fire. If you successfully paid him, well congratulations that is another way to freeze your ice blocks.


You can just tell us that the ice is already frozen able to freeze on its own.

but what if you want to ignite fire?

How to Ignite Fire.
If you're like most people, you're probably wondering how to ignite fire. In order to do this simple process, you simply follow 4-5 steps.
1. You first grab the piece of fire you want to burn.
2. You then burn it with a flamethrower, if you don’t have one you can simply find an arms dealer, but first of all you need a permit to wield such a weapon, and such a weapon cannot be in the hands of someone unprofessional, therefore you would need training however arms dealers wouldn’t really have these, since shotguns can simply do the job, no we don’t speak of those weapons here, there are other means of acquiring a flamethrower, in fact you can make one at home, but that information is elsewhere.
3. IF you successfully burned the fire you wanted to burn, congardulations you just burnt your first fire.
4. Here’s the steps if you did not acquire a flamethrower throughout your adventures. Firstly grab the gem that is sitting next to you. This gem will transport you to a world known as Icagaly. Icagaly is known for it’s frozen ice, since their frozen ice get’s so darn cold, it causes burning, therefore if you can acquire a piece of frozen ice from Icgalay, then you can burn the fire you want.
5. Drawbacks: The people of Icagalay, will not give their frozen ice for free. They will be bombarding you with business deals that are not worth your money. Example:Want to borrow a frozen ice, simply pay an interest of -100% each day you take it out, simply have us give you 100$ a day, and that rate will increase by 2x each day you have that piece of ice out, if you do not return it in 100 days, then our debt will increase tenfold, therefore please return the frozen ice within the next day. this is an example of trades you do not want to take. IF you are willing to take a trade, be prepared to rake in a lot of cash, as you will make so much darn cash you’ll have to set that on fire. Repeat steps 1-9 to ignite fire if fire doesn’t burn, simply use the water method.

water method

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lol thx I needed to know this very badly. finishes creating super-death ray… hey, umm… could u read me these instructions on how to use a super death ray?

Very well.
How To Make Death Ray
You must first follow these 10 steps.
1. Ask the sun to borrow a ray of light from him it. If the sun allows you to borrow a ray of light, congratulations you did the first step. However sometimes the sun does not want to give the ray of light, which is why you either fight the sun in a contest of knowledge. Example:Question: How to make 2 cars. The sun will answer: “You will take pieces of iron, rubber, technology and synthesize it using the knowledge of humans. The rubber will be formed into a tir… etc. Sample Answer on how to beat Sun: “ask the car to get another car” If you successfully done so, the sun will give you a ray of light.
2. Now that the sun has given you a ray of light, you can now travel to the sun since the sun is so darn dark. With the ray of light you can navigate and find an object known as a “Nuclear Reaction” Or in a case where atoms rapidly crash and are unstable creating heat hence radioactivity hence Nuclear Activity The sun harnessed or donates it to those who win or have the ray of light equipped from their inventory.
4. After obtaining “Nuclear Reaction” you use the herbaberba maker to synthesize a fun gun. These will allow you to move into the next area of the game which is Tuumlind. This place is known for its tombs and skeletons, undeads of the like. They will gladly give you an essence of death if you beat their boss man called the “Death’s Hand” this guy is pretty easy to beat in Rock Paper Scissors as he always chooses paper since it looks like a hand. If you successfully chosen Scissors, congrats you just got an essence of death. However, if you took pity on “Death’s Hand” convert your Rock into a blade and cut “Death’s Hand’s Hand” don’t worry it’ll regenerate This will magically turn into something called “Death’s Offering” dismantle it into Death’s essence and congrats you just cut off a man’s hand.
5. Now with the fun gun you created you must attach it to Death’s essence and you will get a Death Ray. However the gods of time will stop you since you can alter lives completely by destroying lives by making those lives remove from existence from memory, physical and mental forms.
6. In order to beat the Time God, he’s different because his name is capitalized you must tell him you have developed a time machine via grab the watch you transmitted from your phone to your hand. If the Time God accepts your offering he’ll believe he can travel back in time to stop you since all these Time Gods these are different from time gods because they are lowercases watch over time and make sure it functions, will believe they can travel back in time to stop your plans.
7. You have your acquired Death Ray congratulations.
8. if you accidentally shoot yourself, ask a time god to revert time, these guys are kind because their names are in all caps because they love death rays.
9. When using a Death Ray it may create distortions in time creating time looops and time pair of docks’s which is really horrible since no one really wants to eat fruit loops over and over again and be paired up with docks again.
10. If stuck in either of these, switch the Death Ray to the Cool Mode and it will jailbreak your phone which will enable you to break out of said issues. Repeat steps 12-18 if confused

Now for the super Death Ray all u do is turn on the button to off on the death ray, then fire. It’ll make the gun burn which is not good. So you set it on launch reapers and now you have an infinite army of soul hunters

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How to make a Patrick warping module:
1: First you mOST watch spongbob
2: You then need to use your killer death ray to explode the Nickelloadbegone headquarters
3: Grab your essence of dumb*****
4: Use a space warping module that you created by breaking the laws of physics earlier
5: Go to 4546B and go to it’s depths of the ocean to grab a sponge
6: Almost die of a big laser
8: Be absolutely dumb for 5 minutes on your homework
7: Get back to work
9: Grab sea star dna
11: Inject all ingredients into a cylinder
10: Put it into your freezer
12: Unfreeze it
12: Unfreeze it
13: Slide it into a slot
14: Hit the floor
15: Die of the random DMG glitch on vesteria
16: Get your killer death ray
17: Shoot your creation
19: Profit.