How to First Play The Game!

Hey everyone new to Vesteria! I’m Death :grinning:! Starting the game right off the bat is pretty easy and you will usually find someone to always play with especially since the new party system is coming out in a few hours, week 15. Just a couple of things to remember when you first start…

  • Talk to all the NPCs in the first place you spawn, they all have something to say and one of them will give you a quest

  • When you get a quest, you won’t be able to know if you are still holding that quest, you will just have it and when you go to do the objective, you will be notified when you gain something. For example, it could be kill 20 shrooms or whatever, every time you kill one you will be notified, 1/20, 2/20 etc until you get all 20. Once that happens, go turn in the quest to the NPC you found it from

  • Next the loot system, as of right now I’m still not 100% sure cause I always hear something different from people. But right now the loot you gain is unique to you, what does that mean? No one can steal your loot, as long you do a certain amount of damage, you will usually get loot, but if you got bad luck like me, you will probably only get gold and XP. Like seriously, I have such bad luck

  • You guys there is a SHOP SYSTEM, probably won’t have to worry about buying anything from it soon, but if you are a hardcore grinder early in the game, go check out the shop and get a new weapon, you can also sell anything in your inventory, that includes the drops from things you have killed.

  • And now DEATH, dying in this game is a pain. If you reset nothing happens, but if you like actually die to someone or something, you get this slowdown effect and no jumping and sometimes it just bugs out and you are cursed like that forever. So don’t try to be a hero and pull 218492148912 mobs at level 1 and try to kill them all, you don’t want to experience that pain as I did. Just fight the number of mobs you can handle, don’t forget you have potions that you can equip in your inventory and party system is coming soon so take advantage of that.

WANT MORE? I could go into depth about stats and skills, but there are other people that have covered that, but if you would like me to, just let me know and I’ll get on top of it as soon as I am ready. ALSO probably wondering about classes, you won’t get to touch that until you level 10 so have fun grinding!

From your number one friendly community member, Death :grinning::joy:!


Many typos were found. It hurts.

But thank you nonetheless.


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Hey thinks for the response, even though English is my primary language, french is spoken in my household all the time so I ain’t the best at it, but I’ll sure to clean up the typos and mess in a bit! Thank you!

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Oh yeah, don’t buy the Club when you start, just farm Shrooms, they’ll drop it.


You can also hold Z to collect items instead of repeatedly clicking it.

I’m not sure if this is common sense, but I recently just found out about this.

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Bind pick up to w, it helps.

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That Actually Is A Fantastic Idea @YujiPlayz!

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