How to Find the Aviator Cap and More

Before I got the aviator cap, I saw no mentions on how to get it on the wiki or on the forums. The only way to find it was by yourself or by someone showing you. So, imma do a guide on how to find it (and the mouth of the world and the dead adventurer near the summit and the secret fast travel waterway that doesn’t cost stamina.)

Start at the warrior entrance. (If you don’t know where that is, it is at the very end of the main path of the mountain. just follow the yellow brick dirt road and you’ll find it.)

Follow the road backward and jump down to the lower path.

Keep heading backward until you find the first fallen tree on your left.

Climb up the mountain to the left of the tree. (Note that the tree in this new screenshot is shown from a different angle.)

Keep heading up until you reach terrain that is identical to this.

Climb that small hill and you will see the peak in front of you. (Note that this image was taken on the top of the previously shown hill.)

Start scaling the mountain. For a reference on where I’m at, that hill you see in the distance is the original hill you saw.

Head left without falling and you’ll see two holes in the mountain. (Note that the bump on the mountain to the right is where the previous picture was taken.)

Head into the lower hole and exit through the top.

Follow the risky path and enter the next hole. Keep going and you’ll see a dark patch of water in the ground in the middle of the tunnel. (This is the fast-travel waterway thing. Takes much less time swimming up and down it than to climb the mountain. Not to mention that swimming doesn’t consume stamina.)


Hop over the hole and keep going up to exit the tunnel.

Follow the risky path until you see a ledge above you. Jump on to the ledge with that superhuman, Vesterian jump of yours.


(OPTIONAL) Making a quick detour to find “The Face of The World” and “The Mouth of The World”, head left and slide into “The World’s” mouth.


Get back to where you used that Vesterian jump to get on the ledge and now head right. You will see a lower and somewhat darker path.

Heading up that path, you will see a higher path above the path you are currently standing on. (Yes I’m using the word “path” a lot. Sorry.) Jump on that higher path.

Take that risky, winding path up until you can visibly see the golden chest containing the aviator cap.

Go there. Open it. You have it. (10/10 directions)

What? You’re still here?

Oh right, you wanna find the dead explorer and become “the first to scale Redwood Mountain”, don’t you? sigh Fine.

(OPTIONAL) Head left and take the somewhat risky path to a Vesterian skeleton laying on the ground. (Yes, Vesterian. Not human. I refuse to believe any human can have rectangles for arms.)


(OPTIONAL) Read their journal, steal their flag, and take their dream away from them.
image (Journal read)
image (Flag stolen)
image (Dream taken)
image (Welcome to the real world, squid kid.)

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eyyyy, you get it!

Close this post, your not suppose give away the location dumb dumb.

What are the stats on the aviator cap?

+2 stamina, also good cosmetic

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many big effort tho

Yes it is.

Awesome guide! Thank you so much! :grinning:


No problem! Glad I could help!

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