How to Duo Sqr with friend

It might be kinda rude or bannable, just an idea tho. Make a party of 4 people, enter spider lair, then leave party and remake a party with ur friend…

at least give them a warning dang

it was an idea, never said i did it…, it sounds mean tho, now i think about it

Thanks for reminding me. We’ll make it so losing your party (leaving or getting kicked) automatically removes you from the dungeon.



This is off-topic but, the kicking feature doesnt work unless you are on mobile or a touch screen device, because right when you hover your pointer towards the “X”, the “X” and the friend requiest button disappears, I know this is a known fact, but just wanted to remind you…maybe create a toggle menu with everyone in your party, and you can kick or friend requiest that way

Sometimes there are just people who join the sqr raid, but sit there and do nothing even when the webs burn. So my party cant do anything unless we leave and remake a new party because of some guys just sitting there at spawn afking

its kinda annoying since the kick feature doesn’t really work, so u have to remake party, which is annoying too

Just fix the gui lol

Fine idea, except all the glitches where a dead party member (in the lobby) shows up as alive, meaning you can’t progress.

Too bad you can’t kick people since the GUI is bad. The kick button hovers over another GUI, so when you go to press it it cancels out and looks at the other player, it makes sense when you try it out.

Kinda cringe when you want to kick someone that’s slowing you down.

It’s also possible to solo sqr. It’s not very hard with good gear and a high enough level

yeah u can, but the chances of soloing is way lower, since u have to force everyone to reset, and most people won’t

You’ll be surprised by the amount of high levels who feel pretty lazy lol. They’ll gladly get carried for free provided that they know you’re able to carry them

I don’t know if this is really called soloing, but I’m a level 40 cleric, so i just invite level 20-25 beginners and carry them. Since they don’t do much dps, I can take all the loot.